Writing Samples

The Cessation of Massachusetts– a novel

Five friends embarked on a journey to start a band and they succeed in that. Their band, ‘Anarchist’s Union’ lead them to finding themselves and finding out about life. Friendship and a love of music kept them together… and nearly destroyed them. Sometimes a hug can comfort someone but sometimes a song can comfort everyone.

Click here for an excerpt from ‘The Cessation of Massachusetts’

Part of a chapter from the middle of the novel after the band, and group of friends break up. For Kevin he has hit bottom… and built a castle there…

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‘Ready Player One’ (2018)- Movie Review

A spoiler-free review of a movie I quite enjoyed

‘Bright’ (2017)- Netflix Original Movie Review

A slightly less spoiler-free review of a movie I recommend… with caveats 

‘Man on Fire’ (2014)- Movie Review

Review and in-depth plot summary **SPOILERS**